Willow BARRACO - Developper

Birth 1995
Email contact@willowbarraco.fr
Pronouns She/Her
Language French (+++) English (+)
Formation Bac +3
Experiences 7 years
Values FOSS, Share, Assiduity
Transport Public, Car
Remote working Required
URL cv.willowbarraco.fr
Later 2023 Freelance developper
  • Development of Fossbill, an open-source billing solution.
2020 - 2023 Web development at Synbioz
  • Development and maintainance of multiple customer applications.
  • Maintaince and development of the platform Evidence, the internal ERP of Sbavins, intermediary between wine producer and sellers.
  • Maintainance and new features for Una, internal ERP for Synbioz.
  • Redactionf of articles for the public blog at Synbioz
2019 Web development at Ubi-Transport
  • Development of the 2cloud tool. A car transportation management toolsuite.
  • Bugfixes for the whole product list of Ubi-Transports.
  • Configuration of Docker Swarm and Compose for a transition to microservices architectures, for development and production environments
  • Customer problem analysis to builded better bugfixes
  • Technical knowledge sharing about higher technologies
2019 Web development at IDCI-Consulting
  • Development of a new tool for a Lyon company about learning languages. This project occupied a year of work, customer conferences, and production deployments.
  • Contract redaction, customer communication using agile development, adaptation of the tool arround replies
  • Work interview with younglings developpers
  • Rework and improvement about work architecture used by the team
2016 - 2017 Learner at IDCI-Consulting & Professional Licence METINET
  • Local work on the project Optedif-Formation, a tool that allow learners to meet their customers. Customer need analysis, and development of reusable tool.
  • Redaction of the StepBundle documentation, a bundle that allow to create multistep forms
  • Improvmnet of the internal tool suite as the continious integration
2016 Internship at IDCI-Consulting
  • Integration of a queuing tool for the project Optedif with RabbitMQ
  • Technical progress to gap close the high level of the rest of the team. Learning about Docker, Symfony, RabbitMQ
2017 Professional Degree in Web Computing Works : METINET : Concepteur et gestionnaire de sites internet
2016 DUT Informatique – Lyon 1
2014 Baccalauréat Scientifique - Spécialité Informatique et Sciences du Numérique